Steps that can be taken by City Police officers in ensuring that drivers observe the Paid Parking Zone

Imposition of a fine on the spot:

        In imposing fines on the spot and determining the amount thereof, City Police officers must abide by the applicable provisions of Act No. 200/1990 Coll., on Misdemeanours.  In assessing the conduct constituting a breach of the rules for parking in the paid parking zone, the following misdemeanours may be identified:

Sec. 22

(1) A misdemeanour has been committed by a person who, while participating in road traffic

l) Breaches a special legal regulation by conduct other than that listed in paragraphs a) to k).

    (10) In on-the-spot proceedings
1. A fine of up to CZK 2,000 may be imposed for a misdemeanour defined in paragraph 1 (l).

        If the driver is not present, a summons for a person suspected of having committed a misdemeanour (referred to as a parking ticket) may be issued, and the misdemeanour may be dealt with subsequently, once the person appears at a City Police office on the basis of that summons.


Removal of a vehicle by towing:

    The right of City Police officers to decide to have a car towed if it is parked in a reserved parking spot without authorisation, i.e., including in the paid parking zone, is regulated in Sec. 27 (6) of Act No. 361/2000 Coll., on Road Traffic.

Sec. 27

(6) A decision to tow a vehicle parked in a reserved parking spot without authorisation shall be made by a police officer or a municipal police officer; the vehicle shall be removed at the expense of its operator.

        The maximum prices of the forced towing of passenger cars and of the services of the parking places designated for guarding such towed passenger cars are set by Regulation of the City of Prague No. 13/2001.

            Towing is only possible from a residential and subscriber parking zone, and not from a zone equipped with parking meters, where towing is only possible if there is a statutory reason for the towing that is not directly related to the parking mode set for the PPZ.  As concerns the question of addressing a failure to respect traffic sign B28 – “No Parking”, with the addition that the restriction does not apply to delivery vehicles and with the designation of a time limit, you should be aware that in that case, the towing of the vehicle is out of the question, as the condition has not been met that the car must pose an obstacle to road traffic.

Use of a technical device to prevent the departure of a vehicle:

    The conditions are regulated by Sec. 17a of Act No. 553/1991 Coll., on Municipal Police.

Sec. 17a

(1) A municipal police officer may use technical devices to prevent the departure of a car left in a location where the leaving of a car is prohibited by a prohibition arising from the local traffic arrangements or if the car is parked on the sidewalk in a locale where that is not permitted, or if the car is taking up public space without authorisation and the driver is not in the vicinity of the car.

(4) Technical devices to prevent the departure of a car for reasons listed in paragraph 1 cannot be used for a car that:

a) Poses an obstacle to road traffic; or

b) Is visibly marked as a vehicle of the armed forces, armed security corps, or Fire Protection Force; a vehicle designed for the provision of medical services; the vehicle of a disabled person; or the vehicle of a person who enjoys prerogatives and immunities under the law or international agreements by which the Czech Republic is bound.

(5) The application and removal of technical devices to prevent the departure of a car shall be performed at the expense of the person who left the vehicle on the site.

            This device can be used both in residential and subscriber parking zones and in zones equipped with a parking meter.

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