These are designated areas of the City of Prague in which local roads or designated sections thereof can be used for a  price stipulated in line with the pricing regulations for parking a car in the City of Prague for a limited time that does not exceed 24 hours or for the parking of a car operated by a legal entity or natural person for the purpose of operating a business under a special legal regulation, which entity or person has its registered seat1) or office or outlet2) in the designated area of the City of Prague, or for the parking of a car of a natural person3) who has his/her permanent residence in, or owns a property in, the designated area of the City of Prague

Designated Area No. 1 is bounded by the territory of the Borough of Prague 1 and the adjoining area of the Borough of Prague 2 delimited by the following roads: Resslova, Ječná, Jugoslávská (between nám. I.P.Pavlova and Bělehradská), Bělehradská (between Jugoslávská and Anglická, excluding parking spots), Anglická (between Bělehradská and Rubešova) and Rubešova

Designated Area No. 2 is bounded by the territory of the Borough of Prague 2 and the adjoining area of the Borough of Prague 1 delimited by the following roads: Na struze, V jirchářích, Opatovická between Ostrovní and V jirchářích; Ostrovní, between Spálená and Opatovická (on the left); Purkyňova, between Vladislavova and Spálená (excluding parking spots); Vladislavova, between Purkyňova and Charvátova; Charvátova, between Vladislavova and Jungmannova (on the right); Jungmannova, between Charvátova and Palackého (excluding parking spots); Palackého (excluding parking spots); V jámě (on the left); Štěpánská, between V jámě and Václavské nám.; Václavské nám., between Štěpánská  and Vinohradská (excluding parking spots); and Vinohradská, between Václavské nám. and Legerova (excluding parking spots), and by the adjoining area of the Borough of Prague 3 delimited by Rajská Zahrada and the roads Vlkova between U Rajské zahrady and Krásova, Krásova between Vlkova and Kubelíkova (excluding parking spots), Kubelíkova between Krásova and Fibichova, Fibichova (excluding parking spots), Milešovská (excluding parking spots), and Řipská (excluding parking spots).

Designated Area No. 3 is bounded by the territory of Borough of Prague 3, delimited in the north by Vítkov Hill and the footbridge over the road Pod Krejcárkem and continuing on the roads Nad Ohradou; Za žižkovskou vozovnou; Kunešova; Na Balkáně, between Kunešova and Hraniční (on the right); Hraniční Jeseniova, between Koněvova and Strážní; Jilmová (excluding parking spots); Ambrožova, between Jilmová and Malešická; Malešická, between Basilejské nám. and Ambrožova (excluding parking spots); Basilejské nám., between Malešická and J. Želivského (on the right); Jana Želivského, between Basilejské nám. and Vinohradská (excluding parking spots); Vinohradská, between Jana Želivského and U vinohradského hřbitova (excluding parking spots); U vinohradského hřbitova (on the right); Šrobárova, between U vinohradského hřbitova and Jičínská (on the right); Korunní, between Jičínská and U vodárny (on the right); U vodárny (on the right); Slavíkova (on the right); Vozová, between Ježkova and Chopinova (on the right); Italská, between Vozová  and nám. W. Churchilla (on the right); nám. Winstona Churchilla (excluding parking spots); Seifertova, between nám. Winstona Churchilla and Husitská (excluding parking spots); Husitská, between Seifertova and U památníku (excluding parking spots); and furthermore by the adjoining area of the Borough of Prague 2, delimited by the roads Korunní (between U vodárny and Chodská) – parking on the right; Chodská (between Korunní and Slezská) - parking on the right; U Kanálky - excluding parking spots; Polská (between U Kanálky and Chopinova) - parking on the right; and Chopinova (between Polská and Vozová) - parking on the right.

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